Who we are

Method Test Prep specializes in standardized ACT and SAT test preparation. We’ve been preparing students to achieve higher scores for over 12 years. Due to our success and commitment to serving our students, we have grown rapidly and expanded our programs to serve more students. In addition to our online, self-led prep software, we also provide expert private tutoring across Long Island, New York and have students from more than 50 high schools.

Private Tutors

Tom Ehlers, President and founder of Method Test Prep, has put together a team of professional tutors headed by a number of Ivy League graduates to create Method Test Prep’s tutoring program. These expert tutors have spent years developing effective teaching methods and learning techniques that have proven to help students raise their SAT scores. Perhaps the best indicator of our effectiveness is that our tutors are in very high demand – many are booked weeks in advance for prep sessions.

Online SAT and ACT Test Prep

Method Test Prep’s online SAT and ACT test prep program helps students across the country prepare for either test. Our program is designed to be efficient and effective so students can improve their score significantly with just a few hours of focused study.

Unlike other prep options out there, Method Test Prep helps students clearly identify their strengths and weaknesses on each portion of the test so they know where to spend time improving. Students are given immediate feedback and every practice question comes with a complete explanation. We are so confident it will help that we offer a free two week trial that offers complete access to our online SAT and ACT test prep programs.

School-Wide Solutions

Access to our online test prep solution can be purchased and made available to all students at a school.  The online program combines simplicity and efficiency; students will quickly increase their scores while enjoying a site that records their progress and caters to their personal level of performance. We offer free demos of our online solution in order to showcase the superiority of our program and answer any questions from faculty. In addition, Method Test Prep provides on-site SAT classes or ACT classes for your students.  Both the online test prep program and classes provide effective preparation at an affordable price.

What we do

We make every effort to customize the standardized test preparation process to fit your individual or school-wide needs. Our private tutors are available 7 days a week and can meet in any location that is convenient for you (home, library, etc.).  We also tailor our lesson plans to improve on individual weaknesses and support areas of strength.

Why do we go above and beyond?  We’re committed to excellence and care about the achievement of our students, whose success is clear evidence of our values and expertise.

We’d love to show you how our approach can make a difference. Please contact us for a demo, or start your free trial today.

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“We've been using the Method Test Prep online SAT prep course almost daily at Laguna Creek High school. I like everything on the site. In my 9 week SAT prep class there was an average score gain of +76 points for the Reading section and a +57 pt. average score gain for the Writing section.”

Steve Bryant
English Teacher, Laguna Creek High School