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Ratio Questions and ACT English and SAT Grammar Questions

In this class, students will learn how to handle ACT and SAT math questions involving ratios and a few strategies for dealing with ACT English questions and SAT grammar questions.

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Free Study Guides

MTP’s ACT and SAT Study Guides are great tools for students to use when preparing for the ACT or SAT. These study guides contain all of the concepts that are guaranteed to appear on the tests. Students should print these guides and review them on a regular basis prior to taking the tests. Teachers can hand the printed guides out to students in math, English, or ACT and SAT review classes.

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“We've been using the Method Test Prep online SAT prep course almost daily at Laguna Creek High school. I like everything on the site. In my 9 week SAT prep class there was an average score gain of +76 points for the Reading section and a +57 pt. average score gain for the Writing section.”

Steve Bryant
English Teacher, Laguna Creek High School