Get Personalized Test Prep Training for Your School’s Students

Teacher-led test prep classes can help your school’s students improve scores, master subject matter and improve overall study skills.

Method Test Prep’s SAT and ACT classes are designed to support individual learning styles. They are taught by top teachers and help students understand not only the subject matter but how to approach the test in the right way.

Our online and in-person classes offer support from qualified test prep experts. The classes are aimed at seniors who need to polish their skills before college admission, and juniors who are ready to take their first test.

No matter which age group your school’s students fall into, our expert teachers are here to help.

Teacher-Led SAT and ACT Classes are:

  • Comprehensive – The courses cover the SAT and ACT subject matter, as well as test taking strategies. Students will learn to use the predictable nature of the tests to their advantage.
  • Facilitated by expert teachers – Method Test Prep’s teachers are trained extensively in SAT and ACT study methods, and often take the tests themselves to find the best techniques for improving scores.
  • Accessible – Online teacher-led classes are available from anywhere in the country. Students at your school can study at home and learn from one of our experts.

With Method Test Prep, students will get exposure to critical reading, math, writing and science concepts that students will need to improve their scores. Over the course of 24 hours of prep time, delivered in 1.5 hour sessions per week, our teachers will offer personalized support to your students and help them improve their test taking capabilities.

Whether you’re interested in hosting a class at your school site or want to help connect students with our online classes, we’ve got the solutions you’re looking for.

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“We've been using the Method Test Prep online SAT prep course almost daily at Laguna Creek High school. I like everything on the site. In my 9 week SAT prep class there was an average score gain of +76 points for the Reading section and a +57 pt. average score gain for the Writing section.”

Steve Bryant
English Teacher, Laguna Creek High School