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With Method Test Prep, your school will benefit from unique programs designed to raise SAT and ACT test scores, and improve overall study skills. It’s never been easier to integrate SAT and ACT prep work into the classroom.

Web-based SAT and ACT Prep for Schools

Our web-based online SAT and ACT prep lessons are designed to help students prepare for either test and maximize their test taking abilities. The short five-to-fifteen minute sessions make it simple for students to complete prep work in the classroom.

SAT Method and ACT Method represent multiple years of test prep experience with real students. We’ve created programs that not only help your students improve test scores, but also increase their subject mastery and boost scores.

ACT Method and SAT Method are:

  • Accessible – Students can complete their prep work in the classroom or via a personal computer at home which maximizes their exposure to the lessons.
  • Customizable – Both our SAT and ACT programs track individual student performance so students can focus on key areas where they need to make improvements.
  • Easy to integrate – Our online program can be displayed live in the classroom with connected white boards and projectors, making integrating test prep easy for educators.

SAT Method and ACT Method can be used in math or English classes, as a supplement to existing ACT and SAT preparation courses, or by individual students with their own computers.

Your district or school won’t find anything else like it!


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“We've been using the Method Test Prep online SAT prep course almost daily at Laguna Creek High school. I like everything on the site. In my 9 week SAT prep class there was an average score gain of +76 points for the Reading section and a +57 pt. average score gain for the Writing section.”

Steve Bryant
English Teacher, Laguna Creek High School